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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Evaluation Report is released

Fraser Salmon & Watersheds Program (FSWP) has undergone a third party evaluation to assess its effectiveness in pursuing its mission “to inspire changes in human behaviour for the benefit of salmon and the watersheds on which we all depend.” Over a nine month period, Staniforth and Associates used a survey of FSWP grant recipients, in depth stakeholder interviews and a review of FSWP records and materials to conduct the evaluation. The evaluation process used a participatory, developmental approach that engaged FSWP staff and several external advisors in formulating questions and reviewing research tools. The evaluation report provides a useful reference for understanding the program’s contributions and challenges to date, and also includes recommendations for a renewed FSWP to consider, as well as short term advice. Renewal of the provincial and federal funding that FSWP distributes is still uncertain.


are available for download from the links above.

Posted by Megan Moser on 12/9/10