Salmon Table synergies

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Salmon Table process
Collaborations among Salmon Table participants
Changing how we work together

The Salmon Table forum provides First Nations, commercial and sport fishers and conservation organizations a better understanding of each others’ perspective. This forum has helped to promote collaborations that aim to improve relations in the fishery, including:

  • construction of a trail for sports fishers to access fishing on First Nations’ land
  • solutions to local conflicts among Aboriginal and sport fishers near Chilliwack, resulting in a joint effort to promote peaceful interactions
  • "River to Plate" strategic planning among First Nations fishers, the fish processing industry, and regulators to develop sustainable Fraser salmon fisheries

Opening of Chehalis Trail

The Chehalis Trail helped to forge peace and shared access to salmon fisheries on the Chehalis and Harrison River. By providing recreational fishers with an access trail, parking lot, educational kiosks and catch monitoring, the trail helps direct resource users away from sensitive areas and alleviate longstanding conflict.

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