Should wild Pacific salmon be an official symbol of British Columbia?

The Pacific Salmon Foundation, Fraser Basin Council and Living Rivers - Georgia Basin / Vancouver Island consulted with people from across British Columbia on their views about the proposal to designate wild Pacific salmon* as an official provincial symbol under the Provincial Honours and Symbols Act.. Their report on this consultation recommends the province move forward with the designation. The report is available here.

  • Download the report to read electronically.
  •   Wild Pacific Salmon

    Our consultation indicates that the BC public supports the designation of wild Pacific salmon as an official symbol of the province.

    Pacific salmon are a precious natural inheritance and valuable economic resource. If we are careful, they will be an important legacy to pass to future generations of British Columbians.


    • Salmon tell an inspiring story. Their epic journey from natal stream to the ocean and back is a natural drama of survival in the face of almost overwhelming odds.
    • Salmon support communities. They have long been connected to the cultural traditions, food supply and economic well-being of First Nations and of all British Columbians.
    • Salmon are integral to ecosystem health. As salmon make their journey through BC's waterways, their bodies spread nutrients and feed a wide variety of other species. Salmon abundance is also a sign of environmental health. Like the canary in the coal mine, salmon show us if aquatic ecosystems are in or out of balance.

    *Note on Pacific Salmon: The starting point for this discussion is that all species of Pacific salmon would be considered collectively as "Pacific Salmon."




    What do YOU think?

    Should wild Pacific salmon become one of our official provincial emblems, alongside the Pacific dogwood, the Kermode bear and western red cedar? Please share your views about the role of salmon in BC life and its designation as a provincial symbol. Actions could include:
    • Write letters to the editor of the local media you are in touch with, or submit an op-ed piece
    • Send a letter to the Premier
    • Something creative!
    The Pacific Salmon Foundation, Fraser Basin Council and Living Rivers - Georgia Basin/Vancouver Island have relayed all comments collected in our public consultation to officials of the Province of British Columbia.

    Click here to read selected comments from BC citizens.

    Follow the conversation

    The proposal to make wild Pacific salmon an official symbol of British Columbia is being discussed by many stakeholders:
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